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Welcome to CharityRadio an online radio station from Dublin, Ireland

Welcome to We are an online radio station broadcasting from Dublin Ireland.

CharityRadio is an online radio station, based in Walkinstown, Dublin. We play the best mix of music from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. And we support charities throughout Ireland for free. CharityRadio is a Non-Profit & Non-Commercial
radio station. All of our staff volunteer their time, enthusiasm and skills to helping us support charities throughout Ireland.

If we can help support your charity or profit organisation please contact us today! Email: with details of your charity and any details of events you may want to publicise on; We also provide free social media support via our Twitter, Facebook and Periscope audiences. is an online radio station, we broadcast 24×7 from Dublin, Ireland with a great mix of Music, Interviews and Free charity promotion and advocacy. Our team of 20+ unpaid volunteers devote their time and energy to delivering high-quality radio shows ranging from music shows to interview and interactive specialist shows covering Charity news, mindfulness, technology and SME/Business advice. Our focus is to deliver attractive programming and audience for our free charity and community sponsorship & advocacy. supports charities throughout Ireland for free. In addition to broadcasting Charities’ radio promos we also record and produce radio promos for charities for free, this enables Charities who may not have budget or experience in radio promotion to be heard by our audience. We also promote charity events on our social media channels (Twitter and Facebook). There is no charge for any of our services.

Contact Us Today:, 12 Walkinstown Green, Walkinstown, Dublin 12.

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