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Ireland’s charity-supporting Station – playing GREAT music too!

We are an online radio station based in Dublin, Ireland. Our team of unpaid volunteers dedicate their time, skill and passion to promoting Charities in Ireland, Healthy Living, Mindfulness and Active Lifestyle.

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise offering free publicity and promotion to charities and community events throughout Ireland.

Not only do we broadcast radio promos for charities, charity & community events, we also record and produce these promos for free!

We carry out interviews with Charities to raise awareness and promote events, these interviews maybe in-studio or outside broadcasts (for events etc).

We also promote Charity events and campaigns in Social Media using Twitter (@AllCharityRadio) and Facebook.

Best of all, this is without any financial cost to Charities, Community groups and Charitable Causes.

All of our volunteers receive free in-house training in broadcasting, presentation, editing and production.

Get in touch with us by phone (01) 6535127, email or tweet @allcharityradio, we’re always happy to help!