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About us at CharityRadio.ie is “a Not for Profit & Non-commercial social enterprise” online radio station. Broadcasting 24×7 every day from Walkinstown Green, Dublin 12, Ireland

CharityRadio.ie is an online radio station, we broadcast 24×7 from Dublin, Ireland with a great mix of Music, Interviews and Free charity promotion and advocacy. Our team of 20+ unpaid volunteers devote their time and energy to delivering high-quality radio shows ranging from music shows to interview and interactive specialist shows covering Charity news, mindfulness, technology and SME/Business advice. Our focus is to deliver attractive programming and audience for our free charity and community sponsorship & advocacy.

CharityRadio.ie supports charities throughout Ireland for free. In addition to broadcasting Charities’ radio promos we also record and produce radio promos for charities for free, this enables Charities who may not have budget or experience in radio promotion to be heard by our audience. We also promote charity events on our social media channels (Twitter and Facebook). There is no charge for any of our services.

We invite charities to contact us to discuss how we can help you… we offer on-air interview opportunities as well as free on-air promotion and radio promo production for free. We also offer free social media advice and promotion on our channels.

For More information email us at hello@charityradio.ie or call us at (01) 6535127 or Download the CharityRadio Brochure.

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  • www.careercoach.ie
    Greg Fry
    I was recently interviewed on the Dublin Business Show on Charity Radio about Digital Marketing. I found the staff and presenters very professional and knowledgeable. I was very impressed with the pre-interview research that was carried out prior to the broadcast. The set up studio's are extremely professional.
  • www.emelent.ie
    Emelent Ltd
    It was an absolute pleasure being on your show Austin. I found myself feeling as if I were at home in my living room talking with a good friend. Much to my delight, the time i was on went so fast. Thank you for inspiring me and the opportunity to get my message across.