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NCBI(National Council for the Blind of Ireland) is a not for profit charitable organisation which provides support and services nationwide to people experiencing sight loss. We also provide a range of services to public and private organisations to make sure that their services are accessible to people who are blind and vision impaired.

Who we are

NCBI (National Council for the Blind of Ireland) is the national sight loss agency. We are a not for profit charity, which offers support and services to people of all ages who are experiencing difficulties with their eyesight.

Some Facts

  • We provide a service to over 7,000 people every year. 2,000 of whom we are seeing for the first time.
  • Almost 95% of the people who access our services every year have some degree of useful vision while less than 5% are blind.
  • With an ageing population, the number of people needing to access our services is increasing by 12 per cent each year.

We provide services in the local community

NCBI offers community based services to help people to adapt to sight loss and maintain their independence. These services include emotional support to the individual experiencing loss of vision and to their families, advice and information on all aspects of vision loss as well as practical support and solutions to the challenges encountered by people with vision loss. Our services are offered to people of all ages, from birth through to older age.

We help people to make the most of their useful vision

The majority of people in Ireland with sight loss retain some useful vision and can be assisted to maximize their remaining vision in various different ways. Following referral NCBI will arrange to meet with you and assess the degree and impact of sight loss. We will then offer individualized solutions such as magnification and / or technical aids, advice on lighting and contrast solutions as well as general advice on other adaptations that can be made to reduce the impact of loss of vision.

We help people to live independently

The overall aim of NCBI services is to enable people to live an independent life of their choice. As the impact of vision loss for each individual varies depending on what it is they wish to achieve as well as the type and degree of vision loss they experience, the service offered to each individual will differ.

We help people to rediscover, or continue to enjoy reading

Our Braille, large-print and audio book library brings back the joy of reading to people with sight loss.Our library holds thousands of audio, Braille and large-print books, and sources many more books from other international libraries. We also produce popular Irish newspapers and magazines in audio and in Braille.

We help people access information and communicate through technology

A range of assistive technology solutions is available to help people to access information and communicate independently. Our staff offer guidance in selecting and using assistive technologies that will meet a person’s requirements.

We help people to learn new skills

We have a number of training and resource centres, which provide a range of courses, programmes and activities including computer training, fitness classes and art.

We help people with employment issues

NCBI provides advice to both employers and employees on application procedures, interviews and career advancement, as well as advice on what adaptations can be made to assist a person with a vision impairment in the workplace.

We help others to make their services accessible

NCBI advises government departments, companies and individuals on how to make the built environment and services accessible to people with sight loss.

We produce information in accessible formats

NCBI Media Centre converts printed information into formats accessible to people with sight loss for a range of voluntary, public and private organisations.

We offer six specific services:
1. Braille transcription
2. Audio recording
3. Clear print advisory service and Clear Print Mark
4. Braille training for the pharmaceutical sector
5. Braille advisory and proof-reading service
6. Audio description

We help to increase awareness about sight loss issues

NCBI advises about the accessibility of streets, playgrounds, buildings, transport and much more and we provide awareness training about sight loss to a wide range of audiences.

We help others to make technology accessible

NCBI promotes the accessible design of technology for use by everyone, including people with disabilities.CFIT works with public and private organisations to establish standards and to ensure that websites and other technologies are accessible to all.

Our People

We have over 160 staff who deliver our services and are supported by a team of dedicated volunteers throughout the country. NCBI’s Board of Directors is responsible for the total service of the organisation.

If you or someone you know is experiencing problems with their sight, NCBI can help. Call us on Locall 1850 33 43 53.

You can contact us
Whitworth Road
Dublin 9

Call us: 1850 33 43 53
Email us:

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